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Praxis Debt Settlement - FAQ’s

Q: Can creditors garnish your wages for an unsecured debt in Arizona?

A: First off...unsecured debt is defined by the creditor giving you the goods or service without anything of value from you accept you stating that you are good to repay the debt. Garnishments are generally due in part by the failure to pay the debt. Once the debt was created you agreed to pay back in full plus the interest in a set period of time.

This is why the creditors are coming after the monies because they didn’t get the money for the goods or services provided. There are standard processes to follow that leads up to a garnishment being allowed. Bottom line is that if you signed your name to receive the goods or service but don’t want to pay or can’t pay there are many different ways that the organization has to get the funds from you. Here are just a few: lien on your house, lien on your wages, lien on your bank accounts, credit report, and judgments through the court systems in addition to several others that are less common.

Q: Can they still put a judgment on me and garnish my wages if I’m no longer married to my spouse the stopped paying their bills to get back at me?

A: Yes – whether it be you or your spouse that is responsible for the debt in the divorce documents. If your name & social security number are attached to the debt, they can come after you or both until they are paid back.

Q: Arizona Lien laws. What is the Arizona law for placing a lien on property?

A: The Arizona law requires that any person notify the owner of a given property at least 20 days advance notice that the right to lien is being reserved by virtue of receipt of the "20 day preliminary intent to lien notice". Without the 20 day notice, your right to file a lien is rescinded. This is common practice in the construction and home improvement industry. There are several lien service companies that routinely offer this service for a nominal fee.

Q: what type of debt can be settled?

A: You can settle unsecured debt like: Credit Cards, Medical Bills, Personal Loans, Old Utility Bills, etc... Basicly you can settle debts that do not have items of value attached to them for security. Here is a list of items that can not be settled: Federal Student Loans, Mortgage (first or second), HELOC's (Home Equity Line of Credit), Boats/Autos and etc...


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