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Praxis Debt Fully Funded

Praxis Debt Fully Funded plan

This plan is a fully funded account – (a lump sum in an account)

Meet the next generation of Debt Settlement, by charging lower flat fees and applying more funds to your debt you will be able to get out of debt in no time.  With our innovative plan, which makes it easy to reduce stress, stop the calls to get you back into life. Thanks to our exclusive debt management system, you can be on your way back to financial security. By using our budget analysis tools you can determine the areas we can save you monies so that you can apply the additional funds to getting out of debt. In addition to accessing the situations we go over all options available to you. This Unique program will take you through the steps of understanding your debt, working through a budgeting plan, and design options to keep even the wildest budgets in order. After going through this program you will be able to use the tools & lessons to handle all types of challenges.

This program is designed for those that have the funds to settle the debt but don’t want the stress of talking to the creditors to get the lowest deal. We only charge a flat fee to settle the debts so that you can get the lowest possible amounts on the dollar.  The funds come directly from your trust account (Meracord) so that the creditors wont ever know any of your banking accounts.

Lower Stress
Stop the Collection Calls
Debt Analysis
Budget Analysis
Program Options
*fees in monthly payment
Monthly Payments
*no fees paid until a debt has been settled
Time Frame
Praxis Fees
Lower Settlements
1x payment vs payment plans
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Praxis Payment Plan
monthly payments
based off of budget analysis
payments based off of budget analysis*
18, 24, 36 month plans
settlements on monthly payment plan*
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Fully Funded Account
1 time payment
All monies upfront*
All monies upfront in trust account
Flat Fee
15 - 20 % lower
on avg* vs payment plans