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We really wanted to live free from the bill collectors – more importantly “no collection calls.” The problem was that we were stuck with loads of medical bills from my ex-husband.  It just seemed like there was no way out of the set amount they wanted. So we ended up paying a little as we could, never making any progress.  I called around to several debt consolidation companies, but the monthly payment was still too high for my husband and me.  The proposal that Praxis Debt Solutions presented to us was within our budget. We knew we had to take action but didn’t know where to turn. Our debt consultant was very helpful, and patient with my numerous questions.  We saw progress within the 2nd month when we settled on a charged off credit card.  In about 24 months, we were able to eliminate our $67,000 in credit card and medical bill debt.  I can't say we have purchased our dream home yet, but I am so thankful to have the burden removed. We have a growing savings account for the first time since I can remember. 

Thanks again!

- Victoria