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Traditional Settlement Companies


The traditional debt settlement company typically charges a flat 15% of your total debt amount, regardless of the outcome of the negotiations. This method doesn’t really help you get the lowest settlement amount per account. They generally don’t care what types of debt they take, charge outrageous upfront fees, and have no motivation to properly care for their customers at all – they already have their money.


In this type of arrangement the costs are due up front (usually 40%) so most of the money you would be paying within the first 4-6 months of the program are going directly to enrollment. While they are profiting from this, you are paying them to perform a service, which has not even begun yet. In the meantime, you are falling even further behind on payments to your creditors.


Praxis Debt Solutions is the nation’s leading customer friendly debt settlement program available. If debt settlement is in your future, we know that you will discover that Praxis Debt Solutions is absolutely the best choice in the debt settlement industry.




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