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Front End Companies


Front end debt settlement companies are typically small companies that handle the sales portion of a debt settlement program and do not actually provide the debt settlement services for the client. The role of the front end company is to explain the features of the debt settlement program and to assist the client with the enrollment process. Once the client is enrolled, the front end company quite often has no further contact with the client. So the company that the client deals with originally is not the same company providing them with debt settlement services.


Back End Companies


Back end debt settlement companies service multiple front end companies, providing customer service and debt negotiations. Oftentimes, because they are servicing so many front end companies:


There is no pride in ownership because they will promise the world to get the sale.

They are not held to the same standards as the front end companies.

Customer service may have slow response times due to the volume of clients they are servicing.

Clients do not have a designated representative that is familiar with their situation.

This makes it harder for the consumer to research the quality of service because any BBB complaints will reflect only on the front end company.


Praxis Debt Solutions Service

We are a full service debt settlement company on both the sales of the “debt settlement program” and the “settling of your debt”. Everything is handled and done in-house under one roof, so you can experience the peace of mind of talking to the people that have the relationships with the creditor.

This way you get to have the facts of your situation heard to help you get the best settlement possible.


 Given a reputable debt settlement company, this is beneficial because:

-          Increased communication between departments.

-          Consistent quality of service.

-          Debt advisors have direct access to the negotiations department, which translates into more accurate and up-to-date responses to client inquiries.

 Praxis Debt Solutions - debt settlement program, we proudly service all of our clients in-house, using no middle man or third parties to negotiate your debt.

If you choose to research other debt settlement companies, be sure to ask them if they’re servicing their own clients and ask them if they have it written into their agreement. We recommend you avoid front and back end settlement models. Also be aware that all legal models hire a back end company to do their servicing and no actual attorney will ever do the servicing of your account. These companies grossly misguide consumers on their practices.

If debt settlement is in your future, we know that you will discover that Praxis Debt Solutions is absolutely the best choice in the debt settlement industry.


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