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Praxis Debt Solutions (PRAXIS) is a program was created by long time banking professionals. It was designed to keep the best interests of the client in mind. We strive to ensure that our program puts client first to create lasting solutions. We anticipate state and federal laws, so that we can encourage clients to actually finish the program. In addition to eliminating the client’s financial risk, we will provide outstanding customer service, and communication to generate the best settlement services in the industry.

In today’s ever changing economy, credit card companies and banks recognize the financial difficulties that many consumers have and they are willing to settle for less than is owed. Our long-standing relationships with these companies can make this process smoother for our clients to provide the peace of mind. With our established relationship with the creditors & banks will eliminate the need of debt settlement services to take your hard earned monies 4-6 months of pure fees before any settlements are made. This is just what scam artists companies say while they are pocketing fees and providing zero services.

With program, you will be settling debt with your funds not paying us. We already have relationships with all major creditors and there is no reason that clients should not start saving money to satisfy settlements immediately. Nor should a client pay for any services before they are rendered. In our program you will have complete control of your trust account & approval of each settlement. This is just one of the reasons our program has the success it does.  With the focus on growing you out of debt there is only one option – but to succeed on your behalf.

The Praxis Debt Settlement program does not charge you until a settlement is reached by both parties and executed. Once a settlement is reached earns 22.5% of the total amount of saved. For the residents of Illinois, PAYS only earns 15% due to state regulations.

Praxis Debt Solutions is one of the nation’s leading pay as you go debt settlement programs. If you’re going to choose debt settlement as an option, we know that you can grow out of debt with Praxis Debt Solutions, the best choice in the debt settlement industry.

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