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Debt Settlement

Credit can be a powerful force that can destroy you if you don’t understand its powers.


The majority of Americans are in an “immediate gratification” scenario living paycheck to paycheck with a budget that is not balanced. This so-called "snicker bar mentality" is the building blocks of relentless collection phone calls and undue stress on the family.

This type of thinking can lead to bankruptcy, judgments, liens and other financial disasters. If you can learn your options you can see that Debt settlement can not only Stop the collection calls but also relieve a lot of the stress as well.


Every day thousands of people are choosing Debt settlement instead of filing for bankruptcy.

Debt settlement is a simple way to aggressively approach your debt by creating a payment plan that will work in your budget while reducing your debt permanently. A lot of consumers are looking for Debt Settlement help in Arizona; Praxis Debt Solutions has the experience and expertise to educate you on your budget and past debt so that you can grow yourself out of debt the right way.


 We have the seen all the problems, so that you can have faith that we have the answers for you. This is a comforting feeling so that won't feel alone or mess lead. We can provide you with direct personal help in your debt settlement, we provide you with specific advice on any debt situation and what you can expect all the way through the process. Let one of our Counselor’s show you why we are different from the others.


They will take you step by step through the process on how to apply for our Debt Settlement program. Our Expert Consultants will analyze your budget and financial profile, so that they can determine what the best options for you.


 In a Debt Settlement plan, you can settle unsecured debt like credit cards of all types, medical bills, personal loans, old utility bills, etc.


Our Programs are based on your situation of debt but you can count on us to negotiate with the creditors to settle the debt for a lowest amount possible based on the debt settlement laws applied.

As Our Consultants negotiate with the creditors the client pays into their Trust, so that lump-sum settlement payment can be made. Once we have agreed to terms with the creditor we have the client sign off on the debt so that you are informed of the amounts you will be paying. As a rule with the help of debt settlement you'll get a chance to pay all debts in as little as 6 months to 36 months. 


Once paid the creditor will send a letter stating the debt obligation was fulfilled, and will report to the credit bureaus that the debt has been, "Settled for less than full amount", "Paid" or "Settled". We refer you to our sister companies that can help you clean your report once the first steps have been completed - the payoff.