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IN these tough economic times there can be many differing sources of your debt problems. If you are looking for help in your life that may have contributed to your debt and continue to keep you from getting out of debt, here are a few additional ways you can get help.

Resource Type

Contact Information

Alcoholics Anonymous

Child Support Enforcement Hotline

National Enforcement Hotline  (877) 696-6775

Child-Care Subsidy Hotline

National Hotline  (800) 424-2246 (602) 254 3338

Employment Security Commission or
Employment Assistance Programs

EAP National Directory

Employment Websites

Food Assistance

St. Vincent de Paul Charity of Phoenix

(602) 254 3338 

St. Mary's Food Bank

(602) 242 3663

Gambling Anonymous




National HealthCare Services

Home Energy Assistance

National Energy Assistance Referral Project
Website: Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program
 (866) 674-6327

Mental Health

National Mental Health Association
 (800) 969-NMHA   (800-969-6642)

Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous World Services

Prescription Services

Partnership for Prescription Assistance
 (888) 4PPA-NOW (477-2669)

Red Cross

Senior Services

Senior Service America
 (301) 578-8900

Shoppers Anonymous

Debtors Anonymous General Service Office
 (800) 421-2383

Social Services

Family Assistance Administration

Student Loan Assistance

Student Loan Borrower Assistance

Suicide Prevention

National Suicide Hotline: toll free / 24 hours / 7 days a week:
 (800) SUICIDE ( 800-784-2433)

Tax Relief

National Hotline  (877) 283-8580